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 Pilling made of amber  - is cleaning or scrubbing the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) with amber powder (scrub).


For the removal of micro-cracks of the horny cells and the surface layer of the skin;

For smoothing the skin surface;

For removing excess activity of sebaceous glands and makeup residues;

For cleaning the skin from accumulated free radicals;

Stimulate skin renewal (regeneration).


Acute inflammatory processes (acne, herpes);

Dilated capillaries of facial skin vessels - Couperosis.

Method of use:
Place the prepared  warm compress for 10-15 minutes on face and neck prepared for cosmetic procedures. Dry the warm skin with a tissue and then  cover the surface of the skin with amber powder. With soft circular massage cushions  perform a massage with amber powder  about 3-5 minutes Remove the remaining amber powder with a dry cotton swab or rinse with warm water. After the cleansing procedure, use a moisturizer according to your skin type.


Cleaning oily skin 1-3 times a week, normal skin - 1 time, dry or sensitive skin - 1 time a month.


This information is recommended for health purposes only. 

There are no officially conducted studies in Lithuania.

Clinical trials were conducted and recommended by Russian scientists.

This product is strictly prohibited to use instead of medicine.

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