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Apply a small amount of crushed amber put with a cosmetic brush on the face and neck skin moistened with warm water (preferably an amber tonic). After 5 minutes rinse the amber with water. Dry the skin with a napkin. After the cleaning procedure, you should use a moisturizer.

Frequency of use:

  • For oily skin 2-3 times a week;

  • For normal skin 2 times a week;

  • For dry skin 1 time per week.

The following information is recommended for wellness purposes only. There are no official studies in Lithuania. 

This product is strictly forbidden to be used in place of medicine.


Amber peeling is the cleansing and exfoliation of the surface horny layer of the epidermis of the skin with crushed amber (scrub).

Indications for use:

  • removal of small superficial microcracks of the epidermis with the stratum corneum;

  • smoothing skin irregularities;

  • removal of sebaceous and sweat glands, and makeup residues;

  • removal of accumulated free radicals from the skin;

  • stimulation of regenerative processes, facilitation of the rejection of the stratum corneum.



  • acute inflammatory processes (acne, acne, herpes);

  • extended capillary network and multiple spider veins.


After makeup removal and removal of the water-fat layer with cosmetic milk and lotion, a heat compress is made for 10-15 minutes. The skin is wetted with a napkin, and then crushed amber is applied. Circular movements with a cotton pad produce a superficial massage of the skin of the face with crushed amber for 3-5 minutes. Amber remains are removed with cotton sponges soaked in water or tonic. After the cleaning procedure, use a moisturizer.


  • exfoliation of oily skin 1 - 3 times a week,

  • normal - once every two weeks,

  • dry - once a month.



Indications for use:

  • withering skin of the face, neck, hands, milk glands, hips, etc .;

  • weakened muscle tone;

  • congestion and swelling of the soft tissues of the face;

  • elimination of fine wrinkles, spider veins, and pigment spots.



  • acute inflammatory processes of the skin.


Mode of application:

The skin is cleaned with cosmetic milk and tonic is applied with finger pads with a thin layer of crushed amber. Light gentle stroking of the skin is made, without pressing along the skin lines for 5 to 10 minutes. Leave the mask for 1-2 minutes. Amber residues are removed using cotton sponges soaked in warm water. After the cleaning procedure, use a moisturizer or oil. Restoration of turgor and elasticity is observed within 30 minutes after the end of the procedure. These procedures are performed at intervals of 2 - 3 days.


  • For oily skin 2-3 times a week,

  • For normally 2 times,

  • For dry or sensitive – 1 time.


The amber powder mask is unique because the shredded amber is not just peeling and adsorbent, but thanks to the amber acid it regulates energy processes in cells. The mask cleans the skin, tones, restores, soothes, and firms the skin. This complex mask effect effectively fights problems caused by oily complexion. Permanent use of the mask provides effective results. Recommended course for 15-20 procedures.


Indications for use:

  •  preventing premature aging of the face and neck;

  •  face and neck skin lift (lifting);

  •  removing the effects of acne, and scars on the face;

  •  normalization of turgidity and skin elasticity.



  • acute inflammatory processes (acne, acne, herpes).



Amber mask-peeling for deep cleansing of the skin. One teaspoon of the amber powder is mixed for 2-3 minutes with two tablespoons of warm water (up to 40 ° C) to a homogeneous mass. Apply to the face and neck using a cosmetic brush.  After the mask has dried (after 15-20 minutes) circular movements, remove the amber from the skin surface with your fingertips or cotton swabs. Wash the amber residue with water. After the cleaning procedure, use a moisturizer or oil.


  • For oily skin 2-3 times a week;

  • For normally 2 times;

  • For dry or sensitive – 1 time.




In modern cosmetology, the use of marine ingredients is widely used in the fight against the aging of the body and skin. In the fight against cellulite, wraps stimulate, soothe and tone the skin. Thalassotherapy is one of the most effective procedures in this field. Amber in Finnish "meripihka" means sea resin. The process of creating amber from conifers has occurred at sea, so the use of amber for wrapping is one of the thalassotherapy options.

Indications for use:

  • Cellulite

  • Body health.



Procedures can be performed both locally and for the whole body.  Amber powder is diluted in boiled water with a temperature of 40 - 50 ° C in a ratio of 1: 2, respectively, by intensive mixing for 2 to 3 minutes to obtain a homogeneous mass. The mass is evenly distributed on the skin with a brush (thickness 1 mm), the skin is covered with a plastic wrap, and a blanket for 1.5-2 hours. At the end of the procedure, with wet tissues remove the amber powder from the surface of the skin. After removal of the remains of amber, a typical amber massage is performed on areas of the body where amber thalassotherapy was performed.  For maximum therapeutic and cosmetic effect, it is recommended to conduct a course of 15 - 20 procedures 2 - 3 times a week. In the future, to support the achieved result, it is recommended to perform one procedure every 2 to 3 weeks.

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